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Labs Name Equpments Name
Civil Engg. Lab Vinture meter Apparatus
Weighing Machine
rebound Hammer
Liquid Limit Casegrade apparatus
Vical apparatus
Trovel, Shovel, stright blade knife
CBR Machine
Slamp Cone
Compaction Machine
Jar Test apparaus
Concrete Block Mould
Los-Angeles abration testing Machine
Wheel barror
Survey Lab Chain
Tripod Stand
Levelling Staff
Plane Table
Cross Staff
Optical Square
Quick Set Level
Deempy Level
Spirit Level
Ranging Rod
Mechanical Universal Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine
rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Impact Training machine
Greaves Model
Two Strock diesel Engine
Four Strock diesel Engine
two Strock Petrol Engine
Four Strock Petrol Engine
Steam Engine
Greaves model
Kaplan Turbine Model
Francis turbine Model
certrifugal Testing
Berhoulli's Appratus
Gyrocope Apparatus
Camp Appratus
Refrigeration Testing
Static and Dynamic Baloring apparatus
Venturi Meter
Manometer (u-tube)
real Procating pump
Chain Anausis
Late Machine
Drill Machine
Grinding Machine
Are Welding Machine
Automobile Wiring system
Electrical Machine Lab - 1 3-phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
3-phase Slip Ring Induction Motor
DC Shunt Motor coupled with Alternator set with Synchronization panel of Two Alternators
1-phase Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Motor
3-phase Transformer
3-phase wattmeter
1-phase wattmeter
3-Phase Variac
DOL starter
Star-Delta Starter
Rotor Resistance starter
Auto Transformer Starter
3-Point Starter
Field Regulator
DC Voltmeter
AC Voltmeter
3-Phase Resistive Load Box
3-Phase Energy meter
Power Electronics Lab switching characteristics of a power transistor
V-I characteristics of SCR, TRIAC, DIAC
rive circuit for SCR & TRIAC using DIAC & UJT
phase controlled bridge rectifier using resistive load
series Inverter
voltage source Inverter
speed control of DC motor using Chopper
single-phase Cyclo-converter
8085 microprocessor trainer kit
Digital Lab Gigital Electronics Trainer kit (Logic Gates, Flip Flop, ADDER/subsTRACTor)