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Susila Batakrushna Charitable Trust (SBCT)

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Institutional Building

The Institute provides a perfect ambiance for an aesthetically character.

The infrastructure comprises separate blocks for administration, academic, workshop, hostel, staff quarters etc.

Administrative Building

This three storied building occupies an area of 7922.23 sq.ft which includes Principal’s chamber, Vice-Princiapl’s chamber, 02 nos. of offices for establishment and accounts, examination section, conference hall, video conference hall, housekeeping, training and placement cell etc.

Academic Building

This two storied building stands on a plinth area of 58814.00 sq.ft which comprises of department offices / staff common rooms, well ventilated classrooms, laboratories relating to Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engg., and Mathematics & Science Dept., separate drawing halls for individual stream, language laboratory, smart class room, seminar hall, Boys’ & Girls’ common rooms etc.. A well furnished library having around 4500 books of different titles of different authors for different branches is also an integral part of it.

Workshop Building

The size of this 03 storey buildings is 13243.91 sq.ft comprises of all shops like Fitter, Welder, Turning, Machines, Carpentry, Moulding, Sheet metal, Foundry shops related to Mechanical Engineering Dept. and allied subjects for other relevant disciplines.

Cafeteria Building

There is a cafeteria building having plinth area of 6656.07sq.ft. which is in functional condition.  


The quality of life is one of the most important factors considered by the students deciding to stay inside the campus hostel. The institute has taken care by creating good environment in the hostel as well as in the campus.

Our Institution provides a Boys’ hostel of  8908.21 sq.ft area for a strength 100 boys with all facilities like Dining hall, recreational room etc.

Staff Quarters

There are 02 buildings in the campus meant for different category of staff members besides an earmarked Principal’s quarters. An area of 5674.71 sq.ft have been occupied by these 03 Govt. quarters.

Sl. No. Name of the Deed Holder Document No. Date of Registration Plot No. Address (Village) Dist Area in acres
1.       934 Bhera, Nuapada 0.690
2.       886 -do- 0.750
3.       895 -do- 1.880
4.       885/1418 -do- 4.190
5.       934/1419 -do- 1.610
        5 Plots -do- 9.120
    Total Area in acres 9.120


Room No. Room type (mention Class room / Lab / Toilet etc) Carpet area (in sq m)
C1 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C2 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C3 Class Room 70.64 Sq.m
C4 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C5 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C6 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C7 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C8 Class Room 70 Sq.m
C9 Class Room 70 Sq.m
ED1 Drawing Hall 132.35 Sq.m
ED2 Drawing Hall 140 Sq.m
LAB1 Laboratory 70 Sq.m
LAB2 Laboratory 70 Sq.m
LAB3 Laboratory 93.69 Sq.m
LAB4 Laboratory 93.69 Sq.m
LAB5 Laboratory 70.64 Sq.m
LAB6 Laboratory 147.72 Sq.m
LAB7 Laboratory 46.13 Sq.m
LAB8 Laboratory 117 Sq.m
LAB9 Laboratory 132.35 Sq.m
LAB10 Laboratory 132.35 Sq.m
LAB11 Laboratory 104.58 Sq.m
LAB12 Laboratory 116.6 Sq.m
SEM1 Seminar 147.72 Sq.m
TUT1 Tutorial Room 38.87 Sq.m
TUT2 Tutorial Room 46.13 Sq.m
WS1 Workshop 104.58 Sq.m
WS2 Workshop 104.58 Sq.m
WS3 Workshop 222 Sq.m
WS4 Workshop 186 Sq.m
WS5 Workshop 186 Sq.m
WS6 Workshop 224 Sq.m
WS7 Workshop 222 Sq.m
WS8 Workshop 100 Sq.m
WS9 Workshop 34 Sq.m
WS10 Workshop 40 Sq.m
CC1 Computer Center 147 Sq.m
CC2 Computer Center 147 Sq.m
LL Language Laboratory 70 Sq.m
LIB1 Library & Reading Room 117.81 Sq.m
LIB2 Library & Reading Room 224 Sq.m
A1 Office All inclusive 42 Sq.m
A2 Department Office 46.13 Sq.m
A3 Department Office 46.13 Sq.m
A4 Department Office 46.13 Sq.m
A5 Department Office 46.13 Sq.m
A6 Department Office 46.13 Sq.m
A7 Department Office 46.13 Sq.m
RECEPTION Reception area 39 Sq.m
BR Board Room 36 Sq.m
EXAM1 Exam Control Office 98 Sq.m
PTR Pantry for Staff 17 Sq.m
HK1 Housekeeping 15 Sq.m
MAINT1 Maintenance 18 Sq.m
SEC1 Security 13 Sq.m
STORE Central Store 46 Sq.m
TS1 Placement office 36 Sq.m
BCR 1 Boys’ Common Room 100 Sq.m
CAF1 Cafeteria 154 Sq.m
GUEST Guest House 180 Sq. m
FSTA1 First aid cum Sick Room 32 Sq.m
BH1 Boys Hostel 600 Sq.m
GCR 1 Girls’ Common Room 132.35 Sq.m
GH1 Girls Hostel 600 Sq.m
PQRS Principal Quarter 102 Sq.m
ST1 Stationery Store 16 Sq.m
T1 Toilet 29 Sq.m
T2 Toilet 29 Sq.m
T3 Toilet 29 Sq.m
T4 Toilet 29 Sq.m
T5 Toilet 36 Sq.m
T6 Toilet 25 Sq.m
Corridors Corridors 1379 Sq.m
S1 Other Areas 768 Sq.m